dialogue editing & Mix

Dialogue is key whether a project is narrative, documentary, or commercial. With the latest tools and a wealth of experience, professionally edited dialogue will be seamlessly mixed with SFX and music to create a professional sounding piece for web, network spec, or theater.

MUSIC composition

Drawing on experience from classical to punk rock and utilizing numerous instruments, sounds, and effects, Jaime'is capable of anything from intimate string pieces to bombastic, driving anthems. Previous projects have included documentary, short form, feature length film, and dynamic video game soundtracks.

sound design 

Jaime has built up a vast SFX library of ambiences, foley, location, and prop sound effects that serve as the foundation for any project. In addition, full recording capabilities, vocal ability, and numerous sound design tools and synths mean that any sound is possible. 


Video games and linear media have a lot in common when it comes to  designing sound, but they differ in a major way with implementation. By using a middleware platform such as FMOD or Wwise, the creative potential for dynamic audio is limitless whether a game is a 2D platformer, 3D FPS, or cutting edge VR title.